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I am ME

I’m a sky
Full of stars

I’m a body
Full of hidden scars

I’m a see-saw
Your happiness I draw

I’m a drink
Makes you think

I’m an absorber
Absorbing your emotions

I’m a illusion
Making you cross the ocean

I’m a mirage
U don’t see

I’m magic
You know me

I’m me

Did The Day ? Did The Night?

 Did the night

Promise you for the stars?


Did the day

Promise you for the flowers?


Have you ever

Thought your lover

Will hover in the air

Spreading his wings

And sings

To keep you happy


Copy that!!

My dear

Copy that!!


I will never


I will never ever

Let anyone kill your dreams

Will you be

My gleam of light?

I will sleep happily tonight


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Ae Zindagi…Let’s take a new leap | Lyrics


Raat ke taaro se
Baat karta hoon main

Subah hote hi
Panchhio sa udjaata hoon main

Dil ki yeh asha
Puri main karloon
Mere khwaab ke liye
Saat samandar bhi paar karloon

Dil dil dil…
Karo life chill

Mil mil mil
Pohochh jaa manzil

Pal pal pal
Jeele har pal

While I saunter down the lane
My mind raced fast as the plane
Drums start to beat in my brain
Words started to rain
I hum in style
And save a voice note
On my phone file:D

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