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We all have dreams

I wrote this piece of work few months back and finally my super talented friend has edited it for me.Thanks a ton!Magical writer.:)


Dream. How big is it? How small it is? Can a dream be measured? Definitely not. A “dream” big or small, fat or thin doesn’t matter. A dream is always associated with our mind ability. Yes, you heard it right. A person has a desire to eat something, achieve something,give something and that something is always linked with your mind. It’s the “something” that drives our dreams.

Who doesn’t dream? Everyone dreams. A person who says I don’t dream is a mere astonishment in the world.

When we are born
Our parents
Start to dream
When we crawl
Our feet dream
When we walk
Our heart dreams
When we achieve
We still keep dreaming

Dream is like a beam of light,which is always out of sight. But the ability of your mind makes your life bright.

Let the dreams keep coming,
And let your life keep humming.

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Snores on the BUS

I travel a lot and every time I board a bus I hold my heart in my hands.Yes,you heard it right.Bus journey with a bunch of SNORERS is a real pain in the ass.:(


VL 138
Seat no 28
I propped up
On the seat
Slowly a sound beat
Is there a lion
I feared.
As the bus moved
My eyes closed
Lions roared.
Soft whistles
Like cooker whistle.
A hiss
Killed my bliss
Sudden snort
Fear I not.
Is this a
Jungle buzz
Or a Travel Bus?

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I think i should give an idea to Sneha Khanwalkar(MTV Sound Trippin). She might record the sounds someday and make an amazing audio out of it;)