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I often ignored words
Words in terms of reading, writing and uttering
Out of blue
I came to know that
I started to fall in love
With the words which i kept at bay
Very often
In my head
Words chirp and fly
Giving rise to a new thought
To be inked on the paper
Which breaks from inside
But still keeps me confident from outside
Now slowly i started to understand people’s life
From the other side
To give a ray of hope
Bring a curve on the face
Make them embrace
Their life in full
Helping them kill their inner evil

Essence of Us


In the late hours

I will be waiting

For your presence.

Your presence

Has really some essence

In my life

Through the phone

I teleport

And sit beside you

Tò import memories made

And export us

To a land

Where we not only dream

Rather make the dreams come true.

Let’s live the moment

Feel the presence

And understand the essence of us

Just us.