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Straight from the heart | Poetry Club


Jab jab
I attend
Poetry club
Lagta baht gajab

Alag alag
Hont se
alag alag kavithaey

Kuch lafz
Dil ko chu lethe hey

Kuch lafz
Mann ko halka kar dethe hey

Kuch lafz
Alag hi duniya mei
Leke chale jathe hey

Jab jab
I attend
Poetry club
lagta baht gajab

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Love you Momma♥

On the eve of Mother’s day let me share few poems that i wrote on my mom .

Birth a boon

Apple of my eye

I will be her sun


“Meri Mummy ” is a very special one to me as i have penned the lyrics,played the guitar and gave my voice.You can listen to it by clicking on the link below.

Meri Mummy