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Mein jo bhi hun


Mein jo bhi hun
Mein hun
Mein jo bhi nahi hun
Mein nahi hun
Kisi ke liye aacha hun
Kisi ke liye bura hun
Magar jo bhi hun
Mein hun

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FIRST LYRIC – On my mind

Few days back i have promised you guys that i will unveil the lyrics. Here is the first lyric called “On my mind”.I need your valuable comments.


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Every night
I hold you tight
In my dreams…

I walk through the door
Your expressions i adore
Every second
Every minute
You are always on my mind

La la la la leee la laaa
La la laaaaaaaa….

In your company
My heart plays.. a symphony…
Epiphany epiphany ohh ooo..
Epiphany epiphany oh oo.

Every night
I hold you so tight
In my dreams…

Dear Daughter


Oh! little sweety
You were so naughty
Till twenty
I was always on your duty
You tiny tot
You always fought
Now you have grown
Have your own tone
Remember what i taught
Always give it a thought.
Weird is the word
That defines the world


If you like this poem then give a hug to your dad and thank him for what you are.♥♥

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