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Srimanthudu Movie Review

            ** SPOILER ALERT **


He lives in a different world
Not many can get into his world
His ideas simple
Happiness ample
Wants to do something worthwhile.
But one fine morning
Falls for a girl
Life starts to swirl.
Picks the bicycle
Starts to rummage
Adopts a village.
Village develops
Villian ketchups.
He is Back home
But his heart
Is in home away from home
Speaks his heart out
To his father
And goes
Back to the village
To sweep out.
Villains finally run out.
Srimanthudu one week not out;)

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Mission:Impossible-Rogue Nation

        **  SPOILER ALERT **


Ethan hunt
On hunt
Performs amazing stunts
CIA wants IMF to be dissolved
But ethan
Wants to wipe off
The Syndicate
Airplane stunt
So blunt
Underwater stunt
Makes him bear the brunt
Finally tracks down
The Syndicate
CIA and IMF reintegrate
Mission accomplished.