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Where Is She??

I don’t know
Where you are
But I feel that
You might be here
Yes,very near

I don’t know
How you will be
But I think
You will be the way
I thought of

I can write a lyric for you
I can strum the guitar for you
I can sing for you

I will be lost in imagination
To pen my thoughts
Forming a beautiful creation called “Poem”

Will never let you wince
You need not convince
I understand
I’ll always stand
Beside you

You can be the you
I am a human too

Ae Zindagi…Let’s take a new leap | Lyrics


Raat ke taaro se
Baat karta hoon main

Subah hote hi
Panchhio sa udjaata hoon main

Dil ki yeh asha
Puri main karloon
Mere khwaab ke liye
Saat samandar bhi paar karloon

Dil dil dil…
Karo life chill

Mil mil mil
Pohochh jaa manzil

Pal pal pal
Jeele har pal

While I saunter down the lane
My mind raced fast as the plane
Drums start to beat in my brain
Words started to rain
I hum in style
And save a voice note
On my phone file:D

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I float in ♥ | Lyrics


Everytime our eyes meet
I float in love
Everytime your words beat in my head
I float in love
Everytime i remember you
I float in love

When i revisit the places we have been together
I float in love
When someone whispers your name
I float in love
When you are around me or not
I float in love

I float in loveee…..
Do you know that now?

I floattt innn loveee……….

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FIRST LYRIC – On my mind

Few days back i have promised you guys that i will unveil the lyrics. Here is the first lyric called “On my mind”.I need your valuable comments.


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Every night
I hold you tight
In my dreams…

I walk through the door
Your expressions i adore
Every second
Every minute
You are always on my mind

La la la la leee la laaa
La la laaaaaaaa….

In your company
My heart plays.. a symphony…
Epiphany epiphany ohh ooo..
Epiphany epiphany oh oo.

Every night
I hold you so tight
In my dreams…