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Did The Day ? Did The Night?

 Did the night

Promise you for the stars?


Did the day

Promise you for the flowers?


Have you ever

Thought your lover

Will hover in the air

Spreading his wings

And sings

To keep you happy


Copy that!!

My dear

Copy that!!


I will never


I will never ever

Let anyone kill your dreams

Will you be

My gleam of light?

I will sleep happily tonight


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Cafe Ke Baatein # 3

Our eyes slowly meet and I slowly disappear into a different world.Wish i could freeze every moment. I am almost lost in my imagination while she was telling about how she felt the other day when I walked towards her and struck up a conversation.

Preeti: Vishal,are you thinking about something?

Vishal: Naah! Not actually. Lyrics are popping in my head.

Preeti: What?

Vishal: Yeah, lyrics.

Preeti: Oh! My goodness.

She immediately picks her diary and pen and gives it to me to pen the lyrics. I just hold the pen and then just poured my heart on the paper. The moment I completed it writing I asked her to read it. She was so ecstatic at that moment.  

Coffee peete peete
Mila rahe hey

Dheere dheere
Dil ke baatein
Nikal rahe hey

Iss pal
Aise hi
Rukhne dho ( x 2)

She is like the one
In my dreams
Even my heart
Started to scream
Yeah! She is the one
She is the one
For youuu.

Her touch
Was like a baby touch
Her voice
Lingered in mind
Her memories I bind
In my head
And smiles I spread

Coffee peete peete
Mil rahe hey

Dheere dheere
Dil ke baatein
Nikal rahe hey

Iss pal
Aise hi
Rukhne dho ( x 2)

As soon as she completed reading it She said “You are a Rockstar”.

Cafe Ke Baatein #2

Cafe Ke Baatein #1

Cafe Ke Baatein -# 2

Memory wants to murmur. Inner voice slowly whispers. Thoughts start to build a feeling and in fact, that is heavenly healing. And the feeling slowly started to steal my time making me indulge in those thoughts. I never knew that so many beautiful things happen over a cup of coffee ;). Without knowing I was pulled off to the cafe once again. Before I entered into the cafe I just asked myself will she come today or she doesn’t?
Questions kept popping up in my head. I wiped away all the questions and answered myself saying ” Enter the cafe”. My eyes started to search for her, but she isn’t there. Meanwhile, I ordered for a cup of coffee. I lift the cup to take a sip and suddenly someone said wassup?  Mr. Landon. I recognized her voice and turned back. She stood just behind me and in fact asked me wassup? . I am fine,Miss Jamie. *laughs*. I pull the chair and offer a seat. Silence for a few seconds and we smile at each other.
Hey! I’m Vishal
I’m Preeti

to be continued…

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Cafe Ke Baateein

A Brother’s Love


Never i bogged down
When you are around.
The care you take
Is like a flowing lake.
Secrets i share
To it,We add some flair
And wear a big smile.
You stratagize
And maximize
For us
You are the world
For me
You are the sword
You are 6″
I’m just 5.6″
I envy your height
Let’s together throw some light
And remove darkness out of sight.

Bhajrangi Is Selfless.Are we? -MOVIE REVIEW


A girl goes mute
In neighbouring country
To unmute
Makes an entry
Into our country
Mom falls into deep sleep
Girl gets down from the train
To play with baba baba black sheep
Here comes our bhaijaan
And meets this mute girl
Unable to decode
Where she belongs to
Takes along with him
Finally gets to know
She’s from Pakistan
So,decides to
Find her parents back home
Pavan like pavan
Enters into that little girls heaven
Chand nawab
Shines like a chand
Behaves like a nawab
And finally finds Jawab
Girl reaches home
Bhaijaan reaches the border
Girl gets her voice
Calls MAMA
No more comma
The end

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Harshali Malhotra,the cute tiny tot will touch your heart with her innocent perfomance.

You know How,You know Why


I don’t know how?
I don’t know why?
I started to walk towards you

When my eyes met yours
Your eyes met mine
And that feeling was so divine

Every step I took towards you
Made me feel your love for me
That Glittering smile
Those Twinkling eyes
Have said all you wanted toooo…..

You know why
You know how
I walked towards you:)

This work is FICTIONAL

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