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Bhajrangi Is Selfless.Are we? -MOVIE REVIEW


A girl goes mute
In neighbouring country
To unmute
Makes an entry
Into our country
Mom falls into deep sleep
Girl gets down from the train
To play with baba baba black sheep
Here comes our bhaijaan
And meets this mute girl
Unable to decode
Where she belongs to
Takes along with him
Finally gets to know
She’s from Pakistan
So,decides to
Find her parents back home
Pavan like pavan
Enters into that little girls heaven
Chand nawab
Shines like a chand
Behaves like a nawab
And finally finds Jawab
Girl reaches home
Bhaijaan reaches the border
Girl gets her voice
Calls MAMA
No more comma
The end

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Harshali Malhotra,the cute tiny tot will touch your heart with her innocent perfomance.


A Minnow(poem) on a  Minnow

India Vs UAE @ Perth


To your spin

UAE grin

Four wicket haul

Made them Difficult to crawl


What a win!!

INDIA vs PROTEAS @ Melbourne


Match in Melbourne

Was like a chocolaty bourbon

Dhawan Opening

Proteas fear awakening

Mighty Proteas

Might have had tears

Ball by ball

Wickets tumble

In-form Proteas fumble.

Finally,India breaks the jinx.

INDIA vs PAKISTAN @ Adelaide


Perfect foundation laid

At Adelaide

Men in blue

Before tv we glue

We all knew

You gonna bleed blue

Smack it

Play it

Get it back.