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Radiance | Lyrics ♥

A girl like you
A pearl like you
Is hard to find

A smile like that
Eyes like that
Are hard to find

So simple
With a dimple
Is hard to find

And that long hair
Adds a flare
To your beauty
And makes you look more pretty

Ah! Beauty
Here is your smarty
I’m an arty
Let’s party

Let’s party
Whirl around
Can you listen to the sound?
You are the one
You are the one

Together let’s spun
And make our life a beautiful one:))

© VoiceURmind,All rights reserved 2015

FIRST LYRIC – On my mind

Few days back i have promised you guys that i will unveil the lyrics. Here is the first lyric called “On my mind”.I need your valuable comments.


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Every night
I hold you tight
In my dreams…

I walk through the door
Your expressions i adore
Every second
Every minute
You are always on my mind

La la la la leee la laaa
La la laaaaaaaa….

In your company
My heart plays.. a symphony…
Epiphany epiphany ohh ooo..
Epiphany epiphany oh oo.

Every night
I hold you so tight
In my dreams…



I was out of the womb
Don’t know born to whom
My cry touched the sky.
My parents will come
They say
It’s a lie
I am an orphan
Give me some sunshine

Finally they gave me wings
I thought am not an orphan anymore
I wasn’t a queen at home
But a maid
Who was caged
They clipped my wings
It is.
Tears started to roll down my cheeks
Will I be an orphan all my life?

I too want a mom n dad
Who can make this little sunshine shine.


Stay was cool
My mind started to juggle
Here i reach
The city of dreams.
Without a dream.
Mind block
The moment i have seen my block(work plc)
Then i scream inside
City of dream?
Landed in city of nightmare
Where is my flare
Which i always care
Wanted to shift the gear
Dreams broken
Nightmares well spoken
At times smile as a token
My mind you shaken
I have taken
A tough decision
With such precision
But with his explanation
I arrive at a conclusion
Reaching another station
Yet i dont know
What is my EQUATION