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Udaan hey ye zindagi # Lyrics

Mein qyun sadak pe
Dil qyun dhadak ke
Teez chal raha hey?

Thode apne pareshaanio leke
Dusro ko
Pareshaan kar dete ho…

Thode apni pagal pann ko leke
Dusro ko
Pagal kar dete ho..

Aye! Khuda
Idhar ah zara
Dekh toh hi sahi..    X 2

Phir bhi…

Udaan hey
Udaan hey
Udaan hey yeah zindagi..

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Cafe Ke Baatein -# 2

Memory wants to murmur. Inner voice slowly whispers. Thoughts start to build a feeling and in fact, that is heavenly healing. And the feeling slowly started to steal my time making me indulge in those thoughts. I never knew that so many beautiful things happen over a cup of coffee ;). Without knowing I was pulled off to the cafe once again. Before I entered into the cafe I just asked myself will she come today or she doesn’t?
Questions kept popping up in my head. I wiped away all the questions and answered myself saying ” Enter the cafe”. My eyes started to search for her, but she isn’t there. Meanwhile, I ordered for a cup of coffee. I lift the cup to take a sip and suddenly someone said wassup?  Mr. Landon. I recognized her voice and turned back. She stood just behind me and in fact asked me wassup? . I am fine,Miss Jamie. *laughs*. I pull the chair and offer a seat. Silence for a few seconds and we smile at each other.
Hey! I’m Vishal
I’m Preeti

to be continued…

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Cafe Ke Baateein

Mystery of Chemistry

My eyes were on the newly bought apsara pencil and my fingers wanted it badly and I wanted my ideas to be penned madly:P.


Pain buried deep
Look at my heart weep.
Haven’t got any sleep.
Emotions slowly creep
One by one.
I started fading
Like the evening sun.
Filled with darkness
Lost all my happiness
Chemistry starts to dwindle
Mystery starts to kindle

Image Courtesy :Google
A good friend of mine has sent me this picture and asked me to pen down my thoughts in a jiffy.:)

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