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Universe conspires to achieve her dream


An angel of our dream
A lantern of our house
Listened to lullabies
Great lover of strawberries
Never she hurries
Lest she worries.
Every centimetre she grew
Dreams she drew
As her parents we knew.
Let the society not cloud.
Her ideas are clear and loud
She will make us PROUD

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Surprising Prompt

Prompt : Write a poem of 26 lines where starting characters of each line is from a-z and you also keep the rhyme as much as possible.

This prompt was given by my talented buddy Prakash. Thanks for the surprising and challenging prompt buddy:).

A day to remember
Birthday is just a number
Cake is full of cream
Day and night I dream
Evenings are young.
Girl in your life.
Handful of happiness is all we thrive
Intelligence is all we have.
Journey has just begun.
Know that   
Love is unconditional
Mother’s are emotional.
Neither you nor me
Object the
Power within me
Quest for winner
Rides you from inner
Understand your
World is
X for few
Y for few
Zest for me you know;)

Radiance | Lyrics ♥

A girl like you
A pearl like you
Is hard to find

A smile like that
Eyes like that
Are hard to find

So simple
With a dimple
Is hard to find

And that long hair
Adds a flare
To your beauty
And makes you look more pretty

Ah! Beauty
Here is your smarty
I’m an arty
Let’s party

Let’s party
Whirl around
Can you listen to the sound?
You are the one
You are the one

Together let’s spun
And make our life a beautiful one:))

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