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The Man Who Writes His Emotions

Emotion is a  big word

A word that encircles the universe.
A word that is beyond its literal meaning.
A word that runs through all boundaries
A word that cuts you deeper than a sword.

Emotion is not merely an array of alphabets
Its a feeling that gets you back to yourself.

Being yourself, you feel the pain
The ache , the break and the tears in drain.
Being yourself, you feel the joy
Gratitude and happiness keeps your spirit high.
Being yourself, you feel the spice
A ton of feelings where you cannot decide.

We speak , we feel we talk emotions but there is a man who writes emotions.
A man who needs no introduction
He’s my bro and in his domain a pro.
Just a minute is fun,
He will bang you with his poems,
You will sit and hum.
I wondered, if I could ever write a good poem.
But he convinced,
Sis, you can, read as well as recite a poem.
Big bro, this ones for you,
Because you deserve to be special:-)

This poem is close to my heart and very special for me which was penned by my sister.


Not a single thing
But a whole lot of things
Come to my mind
When i hear
The word MARGIN

Family margin
To be a good son

Social margin
To be a good human being

Friends margin
Fun and frolic
Sharing and caring

Love margin
Understand and valuing space

Good or bad?
Is not the point.

Is a subset of margins
According to the situation we are dealing with
We draw margins

It takes a lot of substance
To be inside those margins

Decide for yourself
Whether you want to be inside the margin or marginally outside
Trying to get inside.

I love my Imagination!!

When no one was there
When there was a void in me
I caged myself in me
Unable to let myself free
Emotions piled up
And within me i riled up
It was you
Just you
Who stood with me
Making me live in a Dream like World
Away from the chaotic World
And since then
I could see and understand
What’s others couldn’t
Travelled to Moon and back
Layers of thoughts
Some beautiful
Some blissful
Few emotional
Few wreck your heart
Thanks for making me
Create a parallel World of mine
And that feeling is divine
I was able to draw a parallel line
And it made me shine
Dear Imagination
Never leave me
I need you
And i truly love you


1). Always follow your heart and do what you want to.

2).Everyone wants to be given importance and given respect.

3). Don’t blindly trust anyone. Take your time. People around us always try to take advantage .Be careful.

4).Never have ego.

5).Never let success go to your head.

6). Never underestimate anyone in your life.

7). Never hesitate.

8).Try to leave your mark.

9) Always take an initiative.

10). Never change yourself for anyone.

11). Be independent. Never wait for anyone to do your things

12). Never hold yourself. Just let yourself loose and enjoy every moment of life.

13). Be patient. Otherwise,this devil called “anger” plays a spoil sport in our life.

14). Be helpful

15). Always take a wise decision. Once you decide never turn back. And don’t regret.