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My Life Line

You came to me
Like a shooting star
Your presence
In my life
Is something I pray for

Without you
Even the bright sky with stars
Looks like a dark one

Light of the moon
On a full moon day
Falling on the sea
Doesn’t seem romantic anymore

Desires were never our priority
To take care of each other
We feel it’s our authority

You are my life line
Whom I will always love to define

-Upen Reddy

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I often ignored words
Words in terms of reading, writing and uttering
Out of blue
I came to know that
I started to fall in love
With the words which i kept at bay
Very often
In my head
Words chirp and fly
Giving rise to a new thought
To be inked on the paper
Which breaks from inside
But still keeps me confident from outside
Now slowly i started to understand people’s life
From the other side
To give a ray of hope
Bring a curve on the face
Make them embrace
Their life in full
Helping them kill their inner evil

Essence of Us


In the late hours

I will be waiting

For your presence.

Your presence

Has really some essence

In my life

Through the phone

I teleport

And sit beside you

Tò import memories made

And export us

To a land

Where we not only dream

Rather make the dreams come true.

Let’s live the moment

Feel the presence

And understand the essence of us

Just us.

And the reader yawns…

Don’t keep me away from poetry
But keep me away from people

Don’t keep me away from the observations of my eye
But keep me away from the effects of those observations

Don’t keep away from absorbing others pain
But keep me away from my unknown anger forever

Don’t keep away from me
But keep away from my slight darker side

Emotions i can’t hide
I abide
To the pain
Slowly it subsides
And divides
Into pros and cons

Slowly the reader yawns
Saying “bygones be bygones”