Writer’s World

We imagine a lot of things and certain things fascinate us so much. Imagination is a gift presented by god to every child. But as we grow we slowly move away from imagination and that imagination is dominated by reality. But very few people try to keep their imagination intact. In the process of keeping their imagination intact, they create a lot of characters, weave stories with those characters and those stories are so beautiful that every person who comes across these stories will fall in love with the imagination of the writer and they start living in a imaginary World yet again through the work of the writer. If the work of a writer who imagines so much and pens his thoughts is admired by a reader and finds it so beautiful,just imagine how beautiful would the mind of the writer be and how chripy and breezy his thoughts would be and how broad his mind would be and how wonderful his personality would be and how kind his heart would be. A person with imagination might seem to be mad and simple but once you talk to him and get to know him more you will be lost in his beautiful world and you never want to come back to reality..

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

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