Women’s Voices

Why women are mostly taught to always hide the emotional pain? Is that a rule or a laxman rekha that has been told or drawn by the majority of the families across the World? Or is it good to always hide pain?. Lot of questions started popping in my mind at this moment.

We all are human beings and we go through different emotions. Each one of our emotions ebb and flow. People tend to reach to different emotions in a different way. But Our society has a different rule/law for Women. The rule is “She should hide her pain”, she has to have all the patience in World to deal with no matter what she might be going through” they want the women to adjust for everything, even during the worst of the worst situations that they come across in their lives. Attitude towards getting adjusted has to be changed. Too much of adjustment leads to resentment which is not good in any relation. We the Society have to create an atmosphere at every home to our women to express their emotions, try to listen to them rather than asking to *adjust*, let’s value their opinions, let’s understand them through their inner voice and let’s give them all that we can to make this World a better place to be.

~Upen Reddy

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