Monthly Archives: December 2017

Rogues are there

Rogues are there

Rogues are there
Rogues are everywhere

You don’t know
And When?

They gonna pounce
And then words become very difficult to pronounce
A fear germinates
It becomes very difficult to eliminate
Every now and then
The same things pops
Out of the dark memory
Becomes difficult to hop

In such situation
Stay strong
Go against the wrong
Never assassin the inner you
Because of what has happened out of blue
But assassin the fear in you
Yes,assassin the fear in you
You being “YOU”
Without being shattered by anything or everything around you
Is what i say.
Unecessary thoughts in mind
Never replay

Rogues are there
Rogues are there
Rogues are everywhere

Are you ready for a Journey??

The very moment when we hear the word journey our soul gets excited and we start dreaming about it. We Google,gather information, zero in the locations and get ready soon to hit the road. A road journey can be planned. But have you ever thought of an inner journey? A inner journey within your ownself? Trying to know who you are ? What you want In your life? Even in our wildest dreams we wouldn’t have thought of the inner journey within our ownself. 

A journey in the nature makes you unwind,gives you wings to fly around and keeps you happy. Wherein an inner journey is all about letting your soul,mind and heart open and travelling deep within you to know the real you. Travelling deep with oneself is no joke.  It doesn’t happen just like that. It needs a lot of introspection and open mind to accept things the way that are and believing in it. It can tear you from inside, you may consider yourself silly till you know who you are,you will have sleepless nights,tears roll down your cheeks everytime you try to ask yourself who you are and for what this journey of life is all about. Once the inner journey begins you find happiness in everything you are surrounded with. You feel like giving.You give everything that You can and life becomes so simple. You become content and selfless. Happiness is  always on the face. The day your inner journey ends and you find who you are is the day actually your life begins. Till then you are one among the herd..