Monthly Archives: October 2017

The Man Who Writes His Emotions

Emotion is a  big word

A word that encircles the universe.
A word that is beyond its literal meaning.
A word that runs through all boundaries
A word that cuts you deeper than a sword.

Emotion is not merely an array of alphabets
Its a feeling that gets you back to yourself.

Being yourself, you feel the pain
The ache , the break and the tears in drain.
Being yourself, you feel the joy
Gratitude and happiness keeps your spirit high.
Being yourself, you feel the spice
A ton of feelings where you cannot decide.

We speak , we feel we talk emotions but there is a man who writes emotions.
A man who needs no introduction
He’s my bro and in his domain a pro.
Just a minute is fun,
He will bang you with his poems,
You will sit and hum.
I wondered, if I could ever write a good poem.
But he convinced,
Sis, you can, read as well as recite a poem.
Big bro, this ones for you,
Because you deserve to be special:-)

This poem is close to my heart and very special for me which was penned by my sister.