Monthly Archives: October 2016

Coffee & Imagination!!

The heart
“On” the cup
Reminds me
“How” my heart skipped
“A” beat

And now
Its the same song
“That” is “playing”

Is it real
Have I made it “up”
“On” my mind?

Why does a place
Why does an aroma
Why does a memory
Takes us back into past?

Amigo! Slay the EGO

“Ego” is such an obnoxious and irritating negative trait that it rips apart relations diluting the propinquity with others. We all are from the same cloud. But still we have hidden intentions and desires that make us develop this “Ego” to satisfy the evil within us. By developing ego or by pampering the ego in you to achieve your so called hidden desires you may think and might be with an idea that you are winning over others. Definitely not. The darker side in you is dominating you and you laugh inside and cheer yourself up. “Ego” is like “A gun given to a mad person and who never takes his hand off his trigger” killing so many innocent civilians but is happy and content with the his actions. The more you water the seed of “Ego” and let it grow the more dangerous it is. It wages a war from inside of you and you will be in a place fighting against it but eventually you fall back and bite the dust making it win over you in every possible way. Slay the evil ego in you and see the new you. 

-Upen Reddy.