Monthly Archives: June 2016

Being someone to the one who had no one

Whilst I was sipping tea at the cafe I recollected my happy memories and chuckled. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a person on the road who had long dusty hair,brown beard, torn clothes, yellow teeth, blood shot eyes. I don’t know why but I became very emotional. Few minutes back I recollected my memories and was happy. I have everything in my life. But he seems like a loner. As soon as I left the cafe. I went to him and asked if he was hungry?  He immediately nodded his head and I made my way to the nearest tiffin centre and brought a plate of idly. The happiness he had on his face while having it was priceless. Even I felt very happy. He too might have had everyone in his life a few years back. He is one among us. Only, the circumstances around him have made him a loner. Yes, I call him a loner but not a beggar. He didn’t beg for anything. But looking at him I wanted to do something for him. If we step into the shoes of others and understand their feelings then this world will be a beautiful place. “Today, I have been someone to the one who had no one.” I will leave my mark. How about you?