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Udaan hey ye zindagi # Lyrics

Mein qyun sadak pe
Dil qyun dhadak ke
Teez chal raha hey?

Thode apne pareshaanio leke
Dusro ko
Pareshaan kar dete ho…

Thode apni pagal pann ko leke
Dusro ko
Pagal kar dete ho..

Aye! Khuda
Idhar ah zara
Dekh toh hi sahi..    X 2

Phir bhi…

Udaan hey
Udaan hey
Udaan hey yeah zindagi..

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Did The Day ? Did The Night?

 Did the night

Promise you for the stars?


Did the day

Promise you for the flowers?


Have you ever

Thought your lover

Will hover in the air

Spreading his wings

And sings

To keep you happy


Copy that!!

My dear

Copy that!!


I will never


I will never ever

Let anyone kill your dreams

Will you be

My gleam of light?

I will sleep happily tonight


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