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Manasa Manasa Ma Ma Manasa Song <3


Its been long since I haven’t up loaded a song neither on wordpress nor on Soundcloud. So, I thought let me share a telugu song with you which is called as “Manasa Manasa” dubbed version of tamil song “Oh Oh” from the movie Thanga Magan .

Here is the link : Manasa Manasa

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Where Is She??

I don’t know
Where you are
But I feel that
You might be here
Yes,very near

I don’t know
How you will be
But I think
You will be the way
I thought of

I can write a lyric for you
I can strum the guitar for you
I can sing for you

I will be lost in imagination
To pen my thoughts
Forming a beautiful creation called “Poem”

Will never let you wince
You need not convince
I understand
I’ll always stand
Beside you

You can be the you
I am a human too