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Attention Everyone : It’s your time to support me! :)

aka The Versatile

Greetings from Paint The World With Words!

So as most of you know, I’ve participated in a Short Literary Work Contest and it needs FB (Facebook) votes to win.

It is time now to vote! I’m really excited about it. A little nervous too!

How to vote:

  • Login to FaceBook
  • Open a new tab and paste this link:
  • My entry is named: amreens44 
  • There will be a text box to enter your email ID and a green button to cast your vote.
  • Enter your email ID and click on vote.
  • Do check that your vote is made properly.
  • If you have problems casting a vote, please try voting on another browser!
  • Please let me know that you voted by replying back with a ‘DONE’ in the comment section!

P.s: This contest is very important for me and I am not resorting to any fake voting, but relying on my genuine followers…

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