A Brother’s Love


Never i bogged down
When you are around.
The care you take
Is like a flowing lake.
Secrets i share
To it,We add some flair
And wear a big smile.
You stratagize
And maximize
For us
You are the world
For me
You are the sword
You are 6″
I’m just 5.6″
I envy your height
Let’s together throw some light
And remove darkness out of sight.

21 thoughts on “A Brother’s Love

    1. Yeah it is maddy :). Aww!! I’m flattered with your comment. You have already given me a name *Rockstar* 🙂
      1. Rockstar

      Thanks for your support and motivation buddy:)

  1. That’s such a cute poem. And the irony is that i’m reading it today on Raksha Bandhan when I’m miles away from my brother and missing him so much. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Miles
      Is the distance
      both of us.
      Love is the verb.
      Baby bro
      I am your sis
      It’s such a bliss
      I must tell
      I MISS YOU.

      You said you were missing your brother and i just tried to write something on “you & your brother”.Thank you so much Aradhana:)

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