Give Space

I read my surroundings a lot and this is a tiny observation which everyone should give it a thought.


Two words
Need space
Two plants
Need space
Two souls
Need space
If there is no SPACE
Then the
Blood runs at a high pace
Making the other person
Keep an angry face
Creating a disgrace.
Please give space

Image Courtesy:Google.

24 thoughts on “Give Space

  1. I love this! I once started stressing that maybe I had issues with people trying to get too close. How hard is that for others to understand? :-/

    1. How close you may be.. one should not restrict others. It’s not done intentionally but just happens without your conscious. If people understand how important it is giving space to others life will be very happy:)

      1. I completely agree. Most of the times its unintentional. And the ones who do it intentionally, well that’s just wrong man.

  2. hhaha..
    nice space, to rhyme your space… would love to write on this space 😀 😛 that hope people around the world understand that every one needs his/her own space…again you explained such a difficult topic in a beautiful poetic way… loved it 🙂

      1. adding some rhythm to your life is always interesting ….right!!;) pleasure is all mine dear 🙂

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