Snores on the BUS

I travel a lot and every time I board a bus I hold my heart in my hands.Yes,you heard it right.Bus journey with a bunch of SNORERS is a real pain in the ass.:(


VL 138
Seat no 28
I propped up
On the seat
Slowly a sound beat
Is there a lion
I feared.
As the bus moved
My eyes closed
Lions roared.
Soft whistles
Like cooker whistle.
A hiss
Killed my bliss
Sudden snort
Fear I not.
Is this a
Jungle buzz
Or a Travel Bus?

Image Courtesy :Google

I think i should give an idea to Sneha Khanwalkar(MTV Sound Trippin). She might record the sounds someday and make an amazing audio out of it;)

31 thoughts on “Snores on the BUS

  1. Lol makes me remember a day journey to a hill station and the Lil twins at the back seat were shouting as hell…it was worse πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Hey Anoop,
      I failed at times while writing the poems. But most of the times i get it right. The poems which i get right are posted here.:) Not a software.It’s a disease:D. Beware of rhyming:P. Once you are struck it will be very difficult for you to get rid of it:D

  2. Hiya Foodie buddy,
    *holding my stomach laughing*, I know it is not as funny as it sounds, though. I still laugh with my mom when I think of one night I traveled with her to Chennai. there was this man who was snoring. OMG! It was so bad that he was the only one who actually slept in that bus. :-O I really think people should try to get it treated.
    Btw loved the poem!
    and happy eating πŸ˜›

    1. haha.So,snorers cannot be forgotten easily:P Deprived of sleep:(. yeah,they should get treated.
      Happy to know my poem had made you laugh:D
      Ta Da:)

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