You know How,You know Why


I don’t know how?
I don’t know why?
I started to walk towards you

When my eyes met yours
Your eyes met mine
And that feeling was so divine

Every step I took towards you
Made me feel your love for me
That Glittering smile
Those Twinkling eyes
Have said all you wanted toooo…..

You know why
You know how
I walked towards you:)

This work is FICTIONAL

Image Courtesy:Google

31 thoughts on “You know How,You know Why

  1. Great job ! This must be the first post I have read from you that doesn’t rhyme a lot but is superb.Kudos !
    PS: The best part is the last line in bold. Good way to avoid unsolicited questions

      1. You’re welcome 🙂
        And I did not question the credibility of the statement Buddy 😉
        But I would be happy for you if it turns out to be false ; D

      2. Ah! come on mon ami. I know you.. you said it on the lighter side.:D. Chill buddy!! Keep the comments flowing:)

        Me gusta

    1. Hey noopur,
      haha even you started pulling my leg:D. But the thing is that i tuned by brain in such a way that it can write on anything in a jiffy:P.

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