17 thoughts on “Faith Unraveled

    1. Long time no see
      I think
      You were busy
      like the Honey bee
      You have always
      Been a Wonderful support
      Wish i could teleport
      And join you for a WALK*

      #Walk with me.

      Missed you ruchi.


      1. OMG Upen…I loved it….gonna share it over my blog in my next Walk With Me series, with your blog link…If permission granted…?
        On personal front, I got busier as kids holidays are there, plus few new developments on books…but trying my best to “Buzz, Buzz, keep tab on all Buzz…” 😀
        My best wishes & support is always with you…Thank You for making me smile 🙂 Take care.

      2. aww thank you. Permission granted:P. Super busy mom:D. You got your book published right? If yes,i will try to get my hands on it.:)


      3. Thank You for the permission 😀
        Vacation time is the hectic time for all moms 😀
        I don’t have any solo books yet, but I have been published in almost 6 poetry anthologies & couple of short-stories Anthologies… 😀
        I shall gift you few in that case. Take care…Have a great week

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