Slowly she pick(s)
Wears it with a trick
Shines like a red brick
Can’t take
My Eyes off the stick
Even the time doesn’t want to tick
Lipstick. Am I sick?
Is this your stick trick?

Image courtesy:Google


24 thoughts on “Lipstick

      1. oh! Girl. Never think that way. Even you are a talented writer. You really have a lovely blog there. Always be different and mesmerize with your posts:)


      2. Yes.. but Upen you are not understating what I am trying to tell you.. having a blog and being a writer is totally different!
        I can write story but poems and pros are just a dream for me!
        I wish to write like that but I know it’s pretty tough for me..
        But you go boy!
        Keep writing! :))

      3. Oh! okay.I got that. Try to write a poem a day.don’t try too hard but just give it a shot.We writers are always there to help you out.
        Someday you will scream and say `Yaay!! I achieved my dream`.
        All the best!!

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