Maggi has left us:(


When i was a child
I used to become wild
If not served in 2 mins
Slowly as i grew
Importance of maggi i knew
Available in cups and packets
And those tasty masala sachets
Relish i can’t anymore
You are no more:((
R I P Maggi.
A 2 min silence for our MAGGI

Indian Govt says “Nestle, maggi ko wapas lele”

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40 thoughts on “Maggi has left us:(

  1. Has it been banned in your state ?? Well apparently …in my state they found maggi safe

    1. It’s banned here in Hyderabad. Many more states to follow the same.Between,Nestle,decided to withdraw the product off the shelves, despite the product being safe.

    1. Yes sir.One thing that keeps beating in my mind is “Was the lead content level excessive since it’s inception or only in the recent production of the product?”.

      1. Belive it or not, I left eating Maggi a long time back. πŸ˜›

        Not missing it at all. But I do feel for Maggi lovers. It’s painful how so many memories are associated with that yellow pack and now it’s gone.

      2. Lucky you:P.

        Indian Govt warn(ed)
        Gone Baby Gone!!
        Wish you will reborn
        With perfect levels of lead
        Making your maggie lovers
        Raise their head
        We know
        Nestle has the knack
        To once again make you
        The popular SNACK.:D.

        omg!! i think i am going crazy:P

  2. Thank God! There are people out there who do miss maggi…the whole idea of replacing it with other noodles and people moving on was giving me the creeps..:)..maggi has memories attached!

    1. You said that right “maggi has memories attached”. People will move on but will again switch over to maggi if it’s re-launched.:D It will take time.

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