Bonjour! Mon Amis


On the bench
Thrist i quench
Heard someone
Talking in french
Soon i set my glasses
And recollect those funny french classes.:P

Image Courtesy: Google


23 thoughts on “Bonjour! Mon Amis

    1. Hey praj,
      I was home and i had an awesome time:). Other day i telling one of my friend that it’s been two weeks and nothing is popping in my head:(. But finally i could write something and i am happy:D. Between how r u?

      1. hey i am better with English!! actually we used have written tests so i used to mug up every damn thing and used to get good grades!! :p but i wish if i had paid more attention to it! 😉 😛

      2. Nothing to be ashamed of. You should be glad that you knew the essence of it now:). That’s how you gotta look at it:)
        Same here.
        Happy blogging!!

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