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I never thought


I never thought
I will meet a girl like you

I never thought
I will strike a chord with you

I never thought
I will lock my fingers with yours

I never thought
I will take a walk with you

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Bicycle Memories


Short as a bat
Wore a lovely hat
Looking at the wheels
My inner wound heals
I hold the handle
With my two hands.
Butt on the seat
Heart started to beat*
A leg on the peddle
Ready to face the hurdle

* Heart started to beat faster than normal

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Mystery of Chemistry

My eyes were on the newly bought apsara pencil and my fingers wanted it badly and I wanted my ideas to be penned madly:P.


Pain buried deep
Look at my heart weep.
Haven’t got any sleep.
Emotions slowly creep
One by one.
I started fading
Like the evening sun.
Filled with darkness
Lost all my happiness
Chemistry starts to dwindle
Mystery starts to kindle

Image Courtesy :Google
A good friend of mine has sent me this picture and asked me to pen down my thoughts in a jiffy.:)

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