18 thoughts on “Void

    1. Aww thank you so much deeksha:)) he he. Most of the bloggers have posed the same question.I follow this concept called “KISS”. It means Keep it simple and short:). Everything that i have written here and will be writing is totally spontaneous:))
      Me gusta:)

      1. Okay. Whatever it is, it’ a beautiful talent, my friend.
        My uncle used to say that word. KISS. Lol.
        I hope I don’t sound inappropriate with the ‘uncle’ thing. 😛
        Anyways, I’ll be looking forward to more of your poems! 🙂

      2. Such lovely comments and appreciation make me write more better:)). And i keep telling myself “look idiot what are you capable of and people love your crazy short poems”:D. he he naah! it doesn’t sound inappropriate :P.

    2. “Feb-love web” posts in the month of feb are infact very short and they will definitely bring a curve on your face:). I would like to know what you think about those posts:).

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