Change| Give her WINGS


Let me fly
Let me fly
Give me wings
Give me wings
A little girl sings
Parents mood swings
An alarm rings
The moment
They stop the alarm
And give her wings
They will get to know
What a girl can give
To them
And to the society
Don’t let her cry
Let her fly
Don’t be shy
Your DAUGHTER will fly high

Image courtesy: Google

11 thoughts on “Change| Give her WINGS

  1. Awww!!! Awesome mon ami 🙂 I loved it, I loved the words, I love the feel and most of all the message 🙂 Great work, Upen 🙂 ❤

    1. Hello Madam,
      I can sense the amount of happiness you have while telling me about your daughter:) You have got a lovely child who flew high to achieve her dreams and will soon come to meet her loving mom who gave her wings:))
      Nice to meet you too:)

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