You wanna know more about Upen aka Mr Rhymer:P ? Then you gotta check out `It`s over at Hargun`s # 2


over at hargun's

Bonjour! Sat Sri akal!  and Hello to all of you!

I welcome you all to this very special second episode of my guest blogging series- IT’S OVER AT HARGUN’S!

A monthly feature, it was born out of an idea I got one fine day. It was always my secret wish(not a secret anymore :P) to have a bloggers meet over here in India,so that I could meet all the talented personalities I met over here. But that was more of just a wish, nowhere near reality. So I thought, why not call then over at my corner of blogosphere, have a virtual chit chat and get to know them more. The bonus: A blog post by them 🙂

If you noticed, this screening makes it twice a month this time .The reason for this special episode?

Well, it’s my birthday week and this a part of the celebrations 😀

So people…

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