Will you marry me?


While I saunter
Girl I encounter
In the street
Dancing to the beat.
Totally lost
You were having a blast.
Those moments were bright
Like the street light.
That smile was more bright
Like the moon light
Eyes were twinkling
Like the star above
Haven’t seen such a glow
In my life you know
Let the moments freeze
And I fall in love with her in ease
Lest I tease
On my knees
I say ” will you marry me?” Please….

Image courtesy: Google

Β© All rights reserved 2015

14 thoughts on “Will you marry me?

    1. Hey christy,
      Wow! Thanks for such a lovely comment:)) i was skeptical about this poem but with your comment all my skepticism has been wiped off:))

      1. Feedback should always be appreciated christy:)) very few give feedback. Actually it helps us to improve our writing:))
        Keep giving your feedback.

    1. Awww… you made my day:D. Whatever iv wrote is totally based on imagination:)). Wish you dream comes true in your dreams as well as in real life:D:P

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