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A Minnow(poem) on a  Minnow

India Vs UAE @ Perth


To your spin

UAE grin

Four wicket haul

Made them Difficult to crawl


What a win!!

INDIA vs PROTEAS @ Melbourne


Match in Melbourne

Was like a chocolaty bourbon

Dhawan Opening

Proteas fear awakening

Mighty Proteas

Might have had tears

Ball by ball

Wickets tumble

In-form Proteas fumble.

Finally,India breaks the jinx.

INDIA vs PAKISTAN @ Adelaide


Perfect foundation laid

At Adelaide

Men in blue

Before tv we glue

We all knew

You gonna bleed blue

Smack it

Play it

Get it back.

AIB knockout.

Aib roast

What a perfect toast

Ashish shakya

You were black ya

Tanmay bhat

You spoke your butt out

Karan johar

You were screwed over

Kabhi kushi kabhi gham

Iska g**** phat gaya in rhythm

Gursimran kambha

You look lamba

Your jokes weren’t numb ya;)

Aditi mittal

You looked like a dry rose petal

But you gotta god damn mettle

Raghu ram

Aib f***** you in full form

You were just calm

Rajeev masand

You weren’t their dil ka pasand

Arjun kapoor

Such a fitoor

Ranveer Singh

Who`s manhood always sings.

I float in ♥ | Lyrics


Everytime our eyes meet
I float in love
Everytime your words beat in my head
I float in love
Everytime i remember you
I float in love

When i revisit the places we have been together
I float in love
When someone whispers your name
I float in love
When you are around me or not
I float in love

I float in loveee…..
Do you know that now?

I floattt innn loveee……….

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