Create Your World


I grew five-fold
Come see my world
Few things told
Few untold
When you read
You become bold
And you start to mould.
Why not Create your World?

10 thoughts on “Create Your World

    1. Haan yaar nimmi:)) actually these days i’m inclined towards writing dialogues and lyrics.. that might be the reason i guess. But,yeah,this is what i need from my friends.. when you let me the pros and cons of the work.. it makes me improve and deliver better.. :))

      1. Dialogues??? Lyrics??? Wow, sounds interesting 🙂 Would love to read them also. Dost hote hi isleye hain 😉 You’ll always find me around. And want same from you 😉

      2. Yea nimss:)) hehe yea i’l read yours too::P. Haar ek friend zaroori hotha hey;):D. First lyric bolke press kiye already check it out:))

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