Nipped in the bud


What have they done to you?
Smiles snatched
Dreams shattered
Studies abandoned
A bullet here
A bullet there
Tiny tots
You din’t spare
Couldn’t see
Your children in them?
Wheren’t you from the womb?
Looking at the dearth
Even the mother earth
Felt shameful
For bearing
Such Cold blooded murderers
On her.


9 thoughts on “Nipped in the bud

  1. Wow..Beautiful..Atleast maine nahin to tumne to likha..m sorry yaar but i will surely write something on terrorism soon..Actually yeh mere type se bilkul hatke he plus m very emo person to thoda sochna padega..Anyways great job done…Thumps up..(y)

    1. Thank you prachii:))) Haan yaar. No worries.. you wanted to write on terrorism right? Take your sweet time and post karo.:)) actually emotional hone aur acha likh sakthi ho.. :))

      1. Thanks…haa rite…actually muje bohot practical hoke likhna he..i m thinking wat shud b my focus on plus poem likhu ke koi write up…hope sumthg cms sun in my mind…:)

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