Takeoff Tuesday


It’s Tuesday.
Is two-day.
Let’s go to office
Nay! Not office it’s offpeace:P:D

Image courtesy: google.


11 thoughts on “Takeoff Tuesday

    1. Hey Prachii,
      I aspired
      But never prespired
      To blog.
      Though i slog(at work)
      I try to blog.
      I’m glad that i could inspire people around me.I’m really honoured for being nominated. It means a lot to me. You made my day.I promise you that i will keep motivating and inspiring everyone around me with my work.
      I like it:))

      1. Haha…Same here even i am a working girl..i try my best to take out time because you need to invest that time to think & write…if u r awake at ngt to write this then u cnt slip & if u don slip then our work suffers…i can totally relate to this…anyways don thank me yaar we all deserve this…your heart speaks out through ur writings…so lets take a pledge to make this world a beautiful place to live through our magic of pen…:)

        Keep writing & inspiring…Waiting for ur new ventures…!!!

      2. Hehe evreything i wrote are spontaneous prachi:)) yea i accept we need time to think n write but not always:)) . Yea u said it right.. we all deserve it.let’s make this world a beautiful place.
        Lemme know your pen name,if you have named it:))
        Even i’m really excited about my next piece of work… will unveil it tomorrow:))
        You will love it:))

      3. authors use pen names while crediting their own works.
        So you are done!! :))
        Im just editing my “wednesday” post.. :)).. it’s really fun to write on days of a week:P.

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