8 thoughts on “I too have a DREAM

  1. This is so beautiful…Even i was thinking to write a poem on beggar.I mean it is so painful that even they have dreams but can’t do anything because of lack of proper education & facilities…I really wish if i could do anything for them.I try everyday whatever possible is by me from my side…:)This should come out of papers in reality to show society that even they deserve to be the best.They do have a right to dream & live it atlas god never said who deserves what..??.(y)

      1. Yes i will surely do so & thanks for the motivation…:)

        And one thing is that we shouldn’t wait for government to do anything because if it was meant to be it would had happen long before plus they have many other problems to be tackled.

        We all should come together and take steps to eradicate poverty..Even a single step can make a lot of difference plus you should never underestimate the power of a “common man”…:-D

  2. ” With so a less of words,
    you charm..!!
    You write subtle,
    but the efficacy is wonderful..!! ”

    🙂 I think, you had that effect on me..!!! 😛
    Good write up man..!!!

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