The day we were born
Happiness was gone
All we have is fear
No near or dear
Wholetime we fear
Our hearts tear
Ours is the soul
Sold to the foul
To overcome destitute
We were made prostitute(s)
It’s a chain
Run by a big brain
We want to drain
Can you take some pain?
And remove this bloody stain?
Please don’t refrain
Help us..

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7 thoughts on “YELP for HELP

  1. Very heartouching & painful truth of society…Hope one day this will stop & god will put some mercy on them…You have described it very nicely with perfect rhymes…keep going…!!!

    1. Intially I hesitated to post this one but iv decided no matter what i’l post it.. and iv posted:)). This is an international issue and don’t know when it will come to halt. Yes,prachi.. iv this disease called rhyming.. if i can’t rhyme the if feel like iv done a crime:P:D. For me to rhyme is prime:))
      Gud day:))

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