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Nautical Miles – My first short story

Everyone has a story to tell. I am no exception.Few nautical miles away I stand before a river,cool breeze touching my face with hands in my pocket.I look at the moon and throw a stone in the river. Suddenly he stands before me and i’m taken by surprise.what are you doing here?
Yeah. you.
I’v come here to unwind myself?
How about you?
To talk with you.
Umm… talk what??
Meanwhile i look at the bright moon and i take out the diary from my pocket and started penning a poem
You look so bright
Sitting here
And watching you
Is an absolute delight
His words so polite
Reminds me of twilight.”
He reads it and says “so this is how you unwind?”
What is that you are trying to prove?
I asked prove what?
Ah! Come on.. you know what i mean.?
Nope! I don’t
Without knowing you came here
To unwind?
Without knowing you came here
To write a poem
Without knowing you came here
To speak with me?
You have done
All this without you conscience?
Every word of his started beating in my head..
Why am i here ?
What for?
Come on you tiny brain.. can you lemme know why??
“Moon started fading
His words invading
Where is this heading?”
I suddenly open my eyes and to my surprise i don’t find the one who spoke to me all this while. My phone rings and brings me back from the world of imagination. Then i realize that i wasn’t speaking to anyone else but my own inner-self.

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