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Gender Inequality


Nov 25th was International day for elimination of violence against women

Streets are developing
Cities are developing
States are developing
Countries are developing
World is developing
Are you developed?
How about your mind?
Your thinking?
If it’s not then..
Develop your thinking
And your surroundings
The message is loud and clear
Stop gender inequality.
Eliminate violence against women.

FIRST LYRIC – On my mind

Few days back i have promised you guys that i will unveil the lyrics. Here is the first lyric called “On my mind”.I need your valuable comments.


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Every night
I hold you tight
In my dreams…

I walk through the door
Your expressions i adore
Every second
Every minute
You are always on my mind

La la la la leee la laaa
La la laaaaaaaa….

In your company
My heart plays.. a symphony…
Epiphany epiphany ohh ooo..
Epiphany epiphany oh oo.

Every night
I hold you so tight
In my dreams…