Are WE the Real WE?


Are we the real we?
Why is that we wanna woo
When we dont know who?
We being we
Is really a challenge
We wear a mask
To achieve our task
Can we be the real we??
Or it’s the bitter fact
We have to digest
And always wear a MASK????


26 thoughts on “Are WE the Real WE?

  1. very short and a good one 🙂
    This hit a nerve n something sparked in my head!
    And so i thought, I should let you know 🙂 All thanks to you for infecting me with the thought! 🙂

      1. hey, thank you very much 🙂 🙂 !!
        A little credit goes to you too .. just a little! 😛
        thank you again 🙂 !

      1. I was thinking only about it & u asked me for the same.its very challenging for me because it includes lots of emotions.i am suppa emotnl i hop i don’t break.but i will give it a try.i think i will write on terrorism.please wish me strenght…:)

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