Monthly Archives: June 2014



For years
I have been longing for her
Everytime i listen to her
My inner self
Says what are you waiting for?
Get your hands on her
Touch with your finger tips
Letting my fingers move
Here i introduce my love
My guitar.
Welcome to my world
Yes,my father always used to tell me create your own world

I Want Her Back…

My fate
I hate
You took my better half
It was so tough
My life you made so rough
My little angel
Don’t cry
Papa gonna come someday!
I used to say.
In this journey
Slowly our life started to blossom
My girl made me feel awesome
And some(one) murdered my little one.
I said dad gonna come……..
But you took her to her dad.
God! Give me my child back
I want her back………………



I was out of the womb
Don’t know born to whom
My cry touched the sky.
My parents will come
They say
It’s a lie
I am an orphan
Give me some sunshine

Finally they gave me wings
I thought am not an orphan anymore
I wasn’t a queen at home
But a maid
Who was caged
They clipped my wings
It is.
Tears started to roll down my cheeks
Will I be an orphan all my life?

I too want a mom n dad
Who can make this little sunshine shine.