Monthly Archives: June 2014



For years
I have been longing for her
Everytime i listen to her
My inner self
Says what are you waiting for?
Get your hands on her
Touch with your finger tips
Letting my fingers move
Here i introduce my love
My guitar.
Welcome to my world
Yes,my father always used to tell me create your own world



Damn! My every nerve
Gonna serve
To surpass the curve
It’s gonna be a challenge
And it’s not as easy as peeling an orange
My rage
Will make me reach that range
For you it’s gonna be strange.

I Want Her Back…

My fate
I hate
You took my better half
It was so tough
My life you made so rough
My little angel
Don’t cry
Papa gonna come someday!
I used to say.
In this journey
Slowly our life started to blossom
My girl made me feel awesome
And some(one) murdered my little one.
I said dad gonna come……..
But you took her to her dad.
God! Give me my child back
I want her back………………



I was out of the womb
Don’t know born to whom
My cry touched the sky.
My parents will come
They say
It’s a lie
I am an orphan
Give me some sunshine

Finally they gave me wings
I thought am not an orphan anymore
I wasn’t a queen at home
But a maid
Who was caged
They clipped my wings
It is.
Tears started to roll down my cheeks
Will I be an orphan all my life?

I too want a mom n dad
Who can make this little sunshine shine.