Monthly Archives: May 2014


A smile
Makes your life and others  better.

A tap
On the shoulder
Makes you feel close, affectionate
And also Motivates you.

A shakehand
Makes you feel confident
And Interesting

A help
Will be remembered forever

A hug
Will make you
Shed tears.
Makes u feel someone is present for you.

An importance
Yes,everyone wants to be given importance and recognized.


Stay was cool
My mind started to juggle
Here i reach
The city of dreams.
Without a dream.
Mind block
The moment i have seen my block(work plc)
Then i scream inside
City of dream?
Landed in city of nightmare
Where is my flare
Which i always care
Wanted to shift the gear
Dreams broken
Nightmares well spoken
At times smile as a token
My mind you shaken
I have taken
A tough decision
With such precision
But with his explanation
I arrive at a conclusion
Reaching another station
Yet i dont know
What is my EQUATION


Ulti si hey zindagi
Yaha kushi ki hey kami
Kushi ki hey kamiiiii……

Jichak jichak hey puri duniya
Badal dey haal tera
Manzil nehi dhur tera
Nikal chal rey tuu
Rastha lambi hey
Zindagi bohat choti hey
Chal chal chal
Zindagi ko
Agey badne deyyyy uuuuu….
Sochta hey kya tuuu…..

Ud ja panchi ki thara…
Chuleyyy asmaan koo zaraa.

Leave Your Mark…


Hey! Life
I don’t want miracles
I don’t expect people to praise me
I just want to smile
Want to have memories
Leave my mark
Which should create a spark
For people who wanna come out of dark.
My words and actions should change their thinking
Ideas should start popping
To uplift their sinking life
I am not a messiah
Just another person like you
I will make my life count!
How about u?