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Book On The Rack..




Hey,I was on the rack. It’s been a while I have been on the stands,looking at every customer who stands in front of it. I was like put yours hands on me,read me,flip me,smell me and take me home.I was picked by many people from the stand,they used to look at me and after seeing the cover design,they used to have a weird expression on their face and was placed in the same place I used to be:( . Though I was always in the race I never won it.:( . I was always afraid that if I’m not sold out then probably I will be kept in the storeroom instead on the stands. My life would be a very tough lying in the store room and after few days filled with full of dust which will in turn make me bite the dust at the earliest. The problem is not with me, it’s with the prospect customer. A chasm in his brain makes my life miserable(I.e going by the cover-page and unable to appreciate the language etc). All I wanna say is please visit the store without a preoccupied or confused mind. It’s you who decide our fate.