Northern Lights

The First Time
I heard you
taping a tale
on northern lights,
Imaginations under the sky
Were so dramatized
In the mind..
Isn’t this a perfect place for the soul to unwind?
The sky dazzled
In such a way that
My heart whirled
Happiness unfold
Life is sometimes untold
No matter how old we get
I bet!!!

When He Is Around

I stood there
Stood still
Hands in the pocket
Thoughts racing like a rocket
I chuckle
And turn left
As if to see what is left
Then I slowly start to walk
With my inner self I talk
Certain thoughts rock my head
Making it hard to hold the life’s thread
I loose it’s grip
But never let the bad phase of my life flip
Suddenly i recollect his words
Those words spell a magic
Which always makes me think with a logic
Life is no tragic
Just his words always does the magic
Now I say
Life is a magic
Wherever and whenever he is around.

Writer’s World

We imagine a lot of things and certain things fascinate us so much. Imagination is a gift presented by god to every child. But as we grow we slowly move away from imagination and that imagination is dominated by reality. But very few people try to keep their imagination intact. In the process of keeping their imagination intact, they create a lot of characters, weave stories with those characters and those stories are so beautiful that every person who comes across these stories will fall in love with the imagination of the writer and they start living in a imaginary World yet again through the work of the writer. If the work of a writer who imagines so much and pens his thoughts is admired by a reader and finds it so beautiful,just imagine how beautiful would the mind of the writer be and how chripy and breezy his thoughts would be and how broad his mind would be and how wonderful his personality would be and how kind his heart would be. A person with imagination might seem to be mad and simple but once you talk to him and get to know him more you will be lost in his beautiful world and you never want to come back to reality..

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Women’s Voices

Why women are mostly taught to always hide the emotional pain? Is that a rule or a laxman rekha that has been told or drawn by the majority of the families across the World? Or is it good to always hide pain?. Lot of questions started popping in my mind at this moment.

We all are human beings and we go through different emotions. Each one of our emotions ebb and flow. People tend to reach to different emotions in a different way. But Our society has a different rule/law for Women. The rule is “She should hide her pain”, she has to have all the patience in World to deal with no matter what she might be going through” they want the women to adjust for everything, even during the worst of the worst situations that they come across in their lives. Attitude towards getting adjusted has to be changed. Too much of adjustment leads to resentment which is not good in any relation. We the Society have to create an atmosphere at every home to our women to express their emotions, try to listen to them rather than asking to *adjust*, let’s value their opinions, let’s understand them through their inner voice and let’s give them all that we can to make this World a better place to be.

~Upen Reddy

Let Her Be.

Observations form into a train of thoughts in a Poet’s mind and when such observations instead of melting down tri to generate a spark in the Poet’s mind then they try to pen their thoughts. Next few paragraphs which you are going to read are the observations which will make you all think for a second.

A Girl is such a precious thing in every family. Generally the majority of the family¬† has more affinity towards a girl. I have seen it through my eyes. The family gives a lot of respect, in goes a lot of care and pampering while upbringing the child. The affinity to an extent is good but the more and more it’s shown then slowly at a point of time, the girl and the family start to disown each other. This is a simple contextual side of a girl life. On the flip side i get to see and hear a lot of women showering love before marriage and after a year of marriage or so , the dynamics of the relationship changes and all of a sudden the one guy you loved and living with becomes loud and starts to build a cloud in the girl’s life. The bright day seems to be gloomy,¬† simpler things are found to be difficult, and so much unrest in her life because of the guy.

Why can’t the guys start living in the shoes of the girl? Why can’t they be their strength rather than letting her down?
Why can’t the guy appreciate the little efforts she puts in to progress in life?
Why do they forget that she is the same girl who he had, liked, loved and married with utmost respect. ?
Being together doesn’t mean just being under a roof for someone’s togetherness.
Being together is all about getting people to gather and talk about little happiness, little efforts and helping each other to bring little sunshine in the life rather than trying to gain autonomy over the girl and disturbing her life as a whole..
If it’s your goal? Then life will definitely make you run from pillar to post letting you know that life is all about little things.

Give her space..
She becomes your base for your success

Give her little happiness
She builds a palace of memories

Be the real you
With YOU
That’s when YOU
Will be able to
Be happy and content in life.

~Upen Reddy

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